Big Data

In this post I will probably write my English Media Survey where I did some basic research in what Big Data means. I will with high probability create another word press blog only for this particular area because there are many different sets of technologies related to it. I currently do not have any experience in the systems used to manage Big Data, but I will go step by step through free open tutorials (referenced in the below links) and post them in the other blog, and if the next winters Big Data course is not overbooked, I will post something useful from that course.

I have to warn that the 14 page survey on Word document is not very good as I wrote it in hurry, but I will probably update it like I do with every other post in my blogs gradually as I get the motivation to do it. Meanwhile I will publish this, to motivate myself to write and re-factor the survey to this blog.

Links to top 2 open universities that I will use to post my progress in technologies related to Big Data:

Here is my new blog that I will be using to post my advancement in Big Data. Please note that I have not even started to work on it so it is empty. I will update this section when I will add the first post in it.

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